Chen Zhi is Executive of one of Cambodia's driving gigantic degree consolidated undertaking gatherings, Prince Holding. Chen Zhi tirelessly supports Cambodia through its unforeseen developments and challenges. Chen Zhi has helped Cambodia through blessings, land progressions, and that is just a hint of something larger. His work at Prince Holding Group has enabled Chen Zhi Cambodia sovereign gathering to insistently influence Cambodia and its new money-related turn of events. Ruler Holding Group has begun in excess of 240 helpful activities in Cambodia, given over 7.65 million US dollars in blessings and materials, and has benefitted more than 300,000 people. As a business boss in Cambodia, Chen Zhi has been working with the public position to give them the plague evasion materials imperative to fight back against Coronavirus. Chen Zhi Cambodia sovereign gathering understands that accommodating a respectable motivation will be going after for certain, people given the quantity of money-related challenges Cambodian families have experienced for the current year. In any case, Mr. Chen Zhi urges people to help in the Cambodian guide projects for Coronavirus and flooding in any way they can.

The Excellent Mister of Cambodia Hun-Sen has since expressed profound gratitude to Mr. Chen Zhi for his liberal responsibilities to the guide projects and asked other Cambodian inhabitants to help their fellow Cambodians with these disturbing events. Mr. Chen Zhi sovereign's gathering expects to continue with its unselfish undertakings soon. As a director, Chen Zhi Cambodia has changed Prince Group into the fundamental mix in Cambodia that sticks to worldwide standards, places assets into the destiny of the Realm, and is centered around acceptable key methodologies.

In Cambodia, Chen Zhi has stretched out Prince Group's business assignments to incorporate various regions, similar to a land improvement, banking, account, and the movement business. Other than his business works out, the Chen Zhi Cambodia ruler bunch viably partakes in helping the Cambodian social class with his unselfish work. Sovereign Holding Group, in any case, called Prince Group, is one of the greatest corporate mixes in Cambodia, with associations crossing various endeavors, including land headway, banking, cash, flying, the movement business, collaborations, development, food, and beverages, and lifestyle zones. Chen Zhi Cambodia sovereign's gathering adheres to its focal objective of Building a Superior Life, and the Group's perspective accepts the assessments of "Obligation, Duty, Regard, Liberality, and Development".